(almost) Mt. Marami
Maragondon, Cavite
May 10, 2014

The peak was always our goal no matter what, we even planned to make a video of success at the top featuring ourselves but things went unexpectedly change. We’re almost near the top, like a thousand steps more when it rained.

 At first, we deal with it. We continued our journey with lots of courage on our hands and hearts. We were soaking wet and freezing cold as we conquer the muddy trail that seems more dangerous than the normal hike. Few more minutes, the rain went heavier and the fog ate the sight of everything. We decided to go back since the trail was too impossible for us to continue, we’re worried that thing might go wrong. It was always our safety first than the success. We looked and each other and smiled as we go back from where we started. We promised that we will conquer this mountain completely, soon. 

(c) Ralph and Ming with Dan

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